How to


A practical guide to SMEs selling to the public sector




Read more about procurement, public procurement, public buyers etc. here.


Understand the buyer

Read more about public sector buyers here.


Benefits vs. problems

Read more about the benefits and problems about public procurement here.


Where do you fit in?

Read more about where to start and about things you must have to be "bid ready" here.


Finding the opportunities

Read more about where to find tender opportunities here.


Prepare to bid

Lean more about the two procedures you need to know before you bid here.  


How to succeed

Lean more about what it requires to succeed here.


Winning cross border tenders

Read more about what it requires to win cross border tenders here.


Procurement jargon

Read more about procurement jargon here.


Tender evaluation checklist

Check if you are ready to bid here.



To view the entire 'how to' guide as a PDF file, you can download the brochure here